last night my friend was getting hit on and i was literally just standing there while guys fawned over her and then this guy said, “sorry am i being rude? it’s just like that your friend is freaking gorgeous. i mean you’re cute too”

hahah ok fuck you

I am reckless and aggressive and abrasive and I hurt people too often I don’t recognize the power I carry I don’t recognize how important I am and how can make someone cry or make someone jealous or angry or sad it scares me my own potential to damage because most of the time I feel so small and insignificant and like a complete anomaly of a person so how could I actually hurt you because I am just me

'The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling.'
— Fabienne Fredrickson *Glamour  (via ki-r)

omg perf
bid dayyyyy